A message to editors (and everyone else)


I am at no position in my blogging ‘career’ to be writing about this issue but me being me, I like to dramatise things and not stay in my lane. Lately, I’ve seen a lot of editors of all sorts of magazines being intimidated by all sorts of bloggers, whether that’s to do with travel, lifestyle or fashion. I guess their fear is validated in the sense that a new, more modern platform has risen with the increasing popularity of the web and that people are reading less magazines now than ever. In that sense, I understand them. However, it is another thing to be completely against blogging or shun bloggers from being featured in their brand (yes, I’m looking at you Vogue!). Truth be told, becoming a blogger isn’t all the sweet glory you might think it is; it’s still seen as a hobby or a ‘side thing’ but not really a job. I think a lot of bloggers would disagree with that because in no way is blogging easy. Churning 3-4 posts weekly is not easy feat and even for a ‘bottom of the food-chain’ blogger like me who only writes 1 post a month, it’s hard to come up with good content. Most of the time, the things that I come up with aren’t put up on my blog because they’re not deemed creative or good enough. It’s a whole process, one that you have to carefully plan or it could mean getting less page views that week. Now that I think of it, a blog is much like a magazine (what a shocker @vogue) because we are our own creative directors, our own editorial teams, our own crew. Everything is a one man’s job and we don’t get paid half as much as people who work in publishing for the same amount of effort put in. So no, being a blogger is not all about frowing in fashion week or travelling around the world free of cost, it’s about putting in effort for something you’re passionate about. 

Rant aside, you can check out Factorie for more dresses similar to the one I'm wearing!

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  1. Beautiful photos and post :) I think Vogue definitely was in the wrong to criticise bloggers so harshly.

    x Helen http://www.seaandstyle.com/blog/