The Rytasha Blog (TRB) was originally meant to be a fashion and lifestyle blog the me and my best friends ran called Stripes, Spots and Polkadots (cringeworthy, I know) but we quickly realised that it wasn't going to work out due to the differences in our schedules. Thus, I decided to create The Rytasha Blog- a fashion blog run solely by me because blogging was something I had always wanted to do. Initially, I was going to make it a more lifestyle/hack type of blog where I would rant and talk about different topics but then I decided that me and my controversial opinions could get stuffed and instead, I decided to open a fashion blog.  Growing up, the biggest fashion influencer for me was my grandmother who firmly believed in 'dressing according to the times'. Unlike many Asian grandmothers who thought that wearing skirts above your knees or a spaghetti tank top was 'dishonouring' (I call bullshit) to your family, my grandmother thought that as long as you felt comfortable in what you're wearing other people's opinions didn't matter. Whenever we went out somewhere- even grocery shopping, she would get dressed in beautiful clothes because that was just the way she was raised by her own parents and she taught me to do the same. Many a time I would feel over-dressed compared to my friends but as I grew up I realised it's because here in Hastings, no one really knew what dressing up meant- rather, everyone knew about dressing down.  The point of The Rytasha Blog was mainly to help teenagers in my community realise that there's more to looking cool than ripped jeans and printed jerseys. However, the response I got was from all over the world, so I'm not really sure anymore who I'm supposed to be helping. All I know is that whatever I'm doing with TRB must be right because of all the positive support I have from my readers and followers. If you have anymore questions, feel free to email me (check Contact for info) or message me on any of my social media.