C A T C H- an outfit with a perfect blend of street style, hiphop and casual teenager. Combining most of the trends this year, such as: Nike slides with socks, baseball cap and rocking a long, windproof jacket with shorts, C A T C H is an outfit that is both freestyle and chic.

I figured out this look when I was raiding my wardrobe and thought 'what is something that is airy enough to be worn in spring and warm enough to layer you up when the southernly's start blowing?'. Originally, this Adidas windsheeter belonged to my dad but I gratefully took borrowed it from his closet. What I really love about this look is that it's versatile which means it seems as if you've put no effort in your clothing choice but nor does it look too shabby- which can happen very easily with a more 'laid back' outfit. Another great thing is that almost anyone can find this or similar versions of it in their own closet. A turtleneck is a basic necessity for winter, as are shorts for summer. You can always choose to change the windsheeter with a normal jacket that might be a bit big on you or you can borrow some from your dad or older brother. As for the Nike Slides; I understand that not everyone is able to afford them because they aren't the cheapest but there are a lot more economical options out there, such as the Reebok or Adidas ones which are just a tad bit cheaper. You can also boy non-branded Slides from your nearest Warehouse (NZ and Australia) or Walmart.

Windproof Jacket- Adidas (Mens)
Black Turtleneck- Asos (Casual)
Denim shorts- Diesel
Shoes- Nike Slides (2016 Rio Limited Edition)

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  1. Great look! Love how you incorporated your dad's jacket <3